Generating ideas for brands

If you’re working with brands and looking to do campaigns from conception to production you have to master the art of story telling or at least have a good idea about it. But where do these ideas come from? For photographers or creatives who don’t have a lot of experience in advertising, it can be tough staring at the blank white screen.

Here’s a guide to help generating ideas:

Brand or product: What is it? What does it do?

Its truth: What is the single truest thing you can say about the product? Try to be honest.


Features: What distinguishes it? What makes it special?

Benefits: What are the benefits of those features?

Benefit of the benefit
: What does that enable or make possible for a user? 

One word: If you had to convey your brand in a single word, what would it be?

Think of visuals that say that.


Purpose: Does this brand have a bigger purpose or reason for being? Remember how effective Dove has been with their brilliant Self Esteem ads.

The first youtube comment is literally: “Why does a goddam soap brand have me crying”

Beliefs: Does it share beliefs (social, values, other) with its community?

The Nike Kaepernick ad has worked brilliantly.


: Does it have an enemy or take sides in a conflict?

Converse has been pushing the “shoes are boring, wear sneakers” side.

User interests: What is happening right now — in the news, in entertainment, on the Internet, in real life — that the brand’s community is paying attention to or cares about? How can it be leveraged?

What stories can you tell: What are the brand’s stories — real or created for inspiration — that can be told? Consider history, product, users, ways of informing, entertaining, inspiring, educating, helping.

Media: Where do your users spend time? What platforms? What screens? Are you shooting for Instagram ads or print?

George Kroustallis // Minorstep