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In this week's newsletter, I'm very happy to share a few things I curated for The Creative Voyage Monthly Edit newsletter.

The Creative Voyage is easily one of my favorite podcasts out there and is basically a long-form interview show with a mission to help creative professionals level up through honest conversations about things that matter.

Its founder Mario Depicolzuane is an excellent human being who also happens to be a creative professional active in the fields of graphic design, art direction, and creative consulting, working with companies such as Kinfolk Magazine, MENU, and Sonos.

A personal favorite is the podcast with Norm Architects' Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, a Copenhagen-based architect, designer, art director, and photographer. Make sure to check that out and big thanks to Mario for having me.

Check out, where Mario shares inspirational content and various updates.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep


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George Kroustallis aka Minorstep curated this July edition of the Monthly Edit. Minorstep is photographer and image director based in Berlin whose work traverses form, light, materiality, and femininity via concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life, and body.

Focusing on contemporary aesthetics, he aims to create work where cutting edge imagery meets authentic storytelling. He's dedicated to minimalism and driven by a desire to produce work that reflects his deep interest in design, people and the diverse stories around all of us.

George also blogs regularly and sends a thought-provoking weekly newsletter about creative business, inspiration, and photography.

Please enjoy!

Minorstep, Self-portrait

The CV Monthly Edit by Minorstep


nerdwriter: How to understand A Picasso — What an excellent job nerdwriter does with his insightful videos. Particularly love the art-related ones.


My beloved Sony α7R III Camera — We're incredibly blessed to be in the post-DSLR era where mirrorless cameras and the technology behind them have revolutionized shooting while also taking the image quality to another level, compared to the clunky mirror DSLRs. Sony is at the top of their game currently, and I love it.


Besides Creative Voyage? Well, Akimbo, Seth Godin's podcast. It's as good as you'd expect, coming from the most important person in marketing in the world right now.


Sixnfive — I've loved everything Sixnfive have been putting out. To me, meticulously art-directed CGI is going to increasingly dominate the industry, taking over a lot of commercial work that's traditionally done with photography and videography. Once again, technology is creating a shift in the medium. Makes me want to move exclusively to 3D but I guess I love my Photoshop too much for now.


The Win Without Pitching Manifesto — It's like the bible for creative businesses and how to separate themselves from their competition. Highly recommended if you're making or trying to make a living in the creative industries.


The Cyclades group of islands in Greece — It's my sanctuary, and I go back there every summer for as much as I can. The beautiful slow lifestyle of the islands means a lot to me, and a lot of my work explores that Cycladic purity as well, on an aesthetic level. People are familiar with Santorini and Mykonos, but there are other smaller gems there too.


A Stoic’s Key to Peace of Mind: Seneca on the Antidote to Anxiety, from the persistently brilliant Brain Pickings blog.


Anything Brent Faiyaz puts out. The freshest. Here's Talk 2 U.


Waking Up — It's both a product and a tool, but I absolutely love Sam Harris' meditation app, Waking Up. I've been using Headspace for years and Waking Up, and Harris' approach took my practice to an entirely new depth. It's life-changing.


“The past is not romantic for me. It is the future that is romantic for me.” — Raf Simons

That's it for July!

A huge thank you goes to George for this summery edit. Beside his amazingly clean, bold and inspiring photography (which you can follow on hisInstagram), I find his weekly newsletter equally strong and useful for all of us who are trying to navigate our lives as creative professionals.

Falling Awake by Minorstep

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Have a good one,
Mario Depicolzuane

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Here’s a guide to help generating ideas:

Brand or product: What is it? What does it do?

Its truth: What is the single truest thing you can say about the product? Try to be honest.

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